FRNVVH is a modular lo-fi system including 4 different lo-fi delays and a lo-fi looper. You can connect those modules in many ways using a patch bay and included patches.

The delays are:

  • Mr. Glitchy – the first one and probably the most lo-fi of the four. It features a momentary glitch/skip/mess function as well as some radio noises and burning tape sounds.
  • Mr. Nice/Mr. Wobble- a nice sounding deep lo-fi delay which is very nice to everybody – that’s why he allows everyone to manipulate, sorry, to modulate him in all the ways and changes into mr. Wobble. Yes, those two are blended now – modulation goes from very subtle to tape chewing.
  • Mr. Special – a lo-fi delay with special functions.
  • Mr. Clap- a clapping/rhythmic delay that crushes your signal into percussive gated claps and also works as a simple drum machine with no input needed.
  • Sampler/looper – a dirty lo-fi 20 sec looper with sample rate/pitch control.




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The ICs used in this pedal are heavily abused to achive this kind of sound so sometimes it can lock-up while powering on. This is solved very easily by unplugging the power source and plugging it back. If you are not OK with this please do not buy the pedal.