Almost a year ago you trusted me enough to put in full price deposits for as I called them “early preorders”.

I kept on delaying your orders and resetting deadlines over and over again and you kept being supportive and understanding, extremely patient and caring, and I will try and be forever grateful for it.

I failed you, was not able to finish and deliver the pedals you paid in full for and kept you waiting for so long.

There were multiple reasons why and you can read the full story here, but in short I made a lot of mistakes – took over 100 early preorders instead of planned mere 10-15, miscalculated the price and building time, tried to manage business, declining mental health and a failing relationship at the same time while taking more orders to keep everything going, kept on redesigning the pedals and wasted a lot of time.

I take full responsibility for my mistakes and eventual misuse of your trust, I am deeply ashamed of that and I am sorry.

Though the original deposit money was spent on parts, bills and everyday life, I found a way to pay your money back

I will be refunding your deposits starting today.

The process will take some time due to PayPal and bank limits, but every payment will be refunded as now I have all the needed funds set aside for this purpose, and this purpose only.

Please confirm your email as I will be using it to send you money. If you want your refund to be sent to a different email, please provide it.

I will still finish your pedals and you will be able to order them when they are completely finished and put in a shipping box for the discounted price and you will have a priority over any new customers.

If you really really really don’t want a refund please understand that you will have to wait for an unknown amount of time as I’m going to focus on fixing ezhi&aka as well as my mental health while working on your pedals.

Please respond to this email in this case too.

I’m looking forward to your reply to process the refunds as quickly as possible.

I completely understand if you won’t be willing to do any business with me ever again, I deserve that.

Please accept my apologies for all the inconveniences, unfulfilled promises and having to deal with my personal problems during this period.

I am very sorry.