Same size, almost two time the controls, new design (picture is just a placeholder)
Ezhi&Aka Terverb Modulated Triple Reverb
Ezhi&Aka Terverb lofi reverb demo
Ezhi&Aka Terverb test
ezhi&aka Terverb
Ezhi&Aka Terverb | A First Impression
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Just like this but on each channel or double of this in mono, improved modulation engines and comparator treatment.

TERVERB STEREO is a stereo or dual channel version of TooExpensiveReverb which used three lofish reverb bricks to make things huge, lush and hissy. Each channel has it’s own tape pitch and amplitude modulation engine processing the tails now equipped with separate but syncable lfos and wrapped into a circuit to keep only the nice noise.

Two FSR touchpads allow reverb tape stops and volume articulation.

This is basically two Terverbs in one, with relay bypass and a switch to make it a 6 bricks in series mono Terverb.

Housed in the same not-pedalboard friendly enclosure it still looks nice and takes 50% of space you would need to get stereo Terverb going otherwise.

NEW TERVERB STEREO final price ~$600

Early preorder price/deposit – $450 ($150 off)

Free EMS (courier) shipping for faster and safer delivery.